Sorting, Rails and Conveyors

Pellerin Laundry Machinery Sales Company primarily distributes and services E-Tech, Speed Check, Felins and Auto-Dynamic’s Rail & Conveyor Systems. Contact us to assist you with designing your rail and conveyor needs. We have designed several facilities that utilize complete automation on both the soil and clean side. Please see our Solutions Section and click on the HCA and Texas Medical Center Projects to view some of the automation we provided.

Rail and conveyor systems offer the following advantages and one or all may be true in your facility:

Increase Floor Space

The overhead rail system allows you to increase your floor space on both the soil and clean side of your facility. We know that floor space is critical to many of our valued customers. Installing a rail system enables the customer to utilize the floor space below the overhead slings. No more carts scattered about your plant.

Boost Soil Sorting Capability

The Automated Sort System “Sort On Rail”, maximizes the production output of you sorters. Sorters are capable of sorting in excess of 1000 pounds of linen consistently per hour, per operator.

Improve Plant Efficiency

An Automated Soil System feeding a Milnor CBW provides categorized and consistent throughput, thus the overall efficiency of the CBW increases dramatically. No more relying on a floor operator to determine how your CBW System is ran. An overhead rail system can be programmed specifically to maximize the throughput of your plant, specifically tailored to your plant’s products and customers. The system can also be programmed to pace your employees on the clean production side of your facility.

Ergonomically Friendly

A soil and/or clean rail system eliminates the back breaking work of loading and unloading your plants washers and dryers and CBW Systems. A “Sort on Rail” system places the soiled goods at the proper height for your operators to comfortably sort the items. No more dumping your items on the floor or attempting long tosses into carts. A rail system can also eliminate the strenuous task of pushing heavy soil and clean carts around your facility.

Maximize your plant’s POH (Pounds per Operator Hour)

Labor is one of the highest operation cost incurred by a laundry. Simply put, the more an operator has to handle the linen during processing, the more the operating cost will be. By offering complete automation, your facility is able to maintain a POH in the 140-170 range. The employees barely handle the linen.

With the assistance of a rail system and properly designed “hands free” conveyor system goods can be basically handled two times before being placed on a make-up cart to be shipped back to your customers. The goods can be hand- sorted into a Soil Rail System (1st touch), automatically delivered to your Automated CBW System, automatically dried and discharged into a Clean Rail System, automatically delivered to your clean side drop stations, hand fed into ironers and folding equipment (2nd touch), automatically discharged onto a conveyor system with traffic control, and even automatically tied into bundles and made ready to be placed on a make-up cart.