• Phase 7 advanced microprocessor
  • Lint monitor
  • Rotation sensor
  • Optional Fire Suppression System
  • Anti-wrinkle feature
  • Temperature sensor monitoring


  • Enhanced laundry safety
    The Advanced Phase 7 control has an optional Fire Suppression System, which can sense high heat conditions caused by overheating or spontaneous combustion.
  • Speed boosts productivity
    The M82 has a heat input of 270,000 BTU per hour. Big 37″ diameter basket allows free tumbling and better exposure to hot air for fast drying.
  • Fewer operator errors
    Advanced mircoprocessor control is easy-to-use. Automatic drying avoids wasting energy on loads that are already dry.
  • Saves space
    Suprisingly, these dryers are more compact than other dryers. They install close to the wall because there’s little to service from the rear of the machine.
  • Built for long life
    The cabinet is electrostatically painted inside and out, and all components are painted before assembly for thorough protection.
  • Faster repairs mean less downtime
    Superior product support through local highly-skilled dealers.