Labor Saving Equipment

Pellerin Laundry Machinery Sales Company offers several unique solutions to your labor saving needs. Your highest operating cost is LABOR. We offer equipment that can eliminate labor in several areas throughout your laundry. As an example: Chicago’s ATM, Automatic Towel Machine, feeds an Air Chicago Towel folder without the need of human assistance. Even in smaller on-premise laundries, one person operating a Chicago Air Chicago Towel Folder can fold what 2 or 3 operators can fold by hand.

Milnor CBW Systems offer significant labor savings versus conventional washing methods. Don’t think your laundry is too small to justify a CBW System. We have installed several systems in the 1,000-2,000 lbs. per hour production range.

In designing a laundry, Pellerin can offer fully automated facility’s that eliminate unnecessary labor. We have facilities that easily operate in the 130-150 POH range. In certain plants 170-200 POH has been achieved.

The less your employees are required to handle your linen during processing means decreased operating cost and increased profits. Pellerin’s design team can design your facility to utilize storage and transfer conveyors and rail systems to minimize human involvement.

Pellerin also offers Production Monitoring Computer Systems that assist managers in maximizing labor output. These systems can be linked to monitor both new and existing washing and finishing equipment.