Energenics Kartwasher



Energenics Kartwasher places the washing emphasis on the cart interior, where any possible soil and contamination is located. Through zoned and timed spraying the kartwasher wash and rinse cycle applies 66% of the water and chemicals to the inside of the cart. Competitive machines utilize 60% of the water and chemicals washing the outside which is subject to the least contamination! Low pressure spray creates larger micron water droplets for impingement cleaning and optimum delivery of cleaning and sanitizing chemicals.

Designed for ease of use with all of the most popular injection molded carts

By using zoned stationary spraying the Energenics Kartwasher is designed to wash all of the most popular laundry carts. No complicated rotating boom to hang up and break on the on the standard molded carts. Bin or shelf models can easily be accommodated automatically by selecting the proper spraying pattern. Simple to operate – load the cart into the Kartwasher and push start. Two minutes later its ready for unloading from the clean side of the laundry.

Engineered for lower maintenance and ease of service

All mechanical components are located on the side of the Kartwasher at floor level behind large removable panels. By substantially reducing the number of moving parts normally utilized in cart washing machines, Energenics enhances reliability and reduces lubrication requirements. With no component systems located on the cart wash roof, maintenance is safer and easier. With the exception of the blower and solid state control, all components are available “off the shelf” from local distributors. All parts are designed for long life coupled with ease of replacement.

Constructed for years of reliable service

The base and floor are fiberglass beam and grid similar to the design of the offshore oil field drilling equipment, impervious to chemicals and corrosion. The fully removable grid floor reduces internal stress by allowing excess drying air to pass into the pit. The light weight pocket doors seal the interior for operation. All walls and roof panels are foam cored, double wall reinforced fiberglass. Finally, the 100 mile per hour blower dries the cart by sheeting action much like a car wash. By directing the air flow the entire enclosure experiences low levels of component stressing unlike competitive models which simply blast air into the cabinet while “popping” doors and blowing out the observation windows.