Chicago Tri-Star



For higher volume on-premise laundries with limited space, Tri-Star finishing systems are offered in a choice of 32″, 28″ or 24″ (800 mm, 700 mm, or 600 mm) ironing roll diameters with built-in CHI controlled primary folder, crossfolder, and stacker that provide complete finishing of up to 800 pounds (360 kg) per hour in less than half the floorspace of a separate ironer and folder. Optional built-in O.P.L. spreader/feeder for large pieces and multi-lane folding for small pieces are also available.

After drying and ironing, linen moves directly into the primary fold section where one or two primary folds are performed by timed air pulses. Crossfold section and stacker/conveyor are identical to those found on the Skyline large piece folder series featuring inverter controlled self-contained motor drive for improved efficiency and reduced maintenance. Chicago’s exclusive air jet crossfolding eliminates the punch blade at the third crossfold. A neatly crossfolded package with selvage edges hidden is delivered to the left side receiving shelf or in adjustable height stacks on the optional automatic stacker with conveyor.