Chicago Powerhouse


Powerhouse is an all-inclusive self-contained gas heated thermal fluid deep chest ironer that combines Chicago’s latest high efficiency gas burner technology with its proven deep chest ironing system—featuring the only heat exchanger/burner system designed specifically for flatwork ironing. The system is over 90% efficient – significantly higher than steam or thermal fluid coolers or heaters.

Available in one, two or three roll 52″ (1300 mm), 42″ (1050 mm) and 32″ (800 mm) diameter models, the Powerhouse gas heating system allows thermal heating fluid to be heated and controlled directly at the deep chest ironer. This feature eliminates the need to transfer heated fluid or steam from an external source – eliminating costly welded piping on-site, boiler installation costs, and heat transfer losses. This ironing method has more available BTUs of drying power than any other heat source for higher ironing temperatures, faster heat recovery, and more economical operation.