Chicago Easi-Feed® II


Easi-Feed® II is a built-in feeding aid for Century and Powerhouse deep chest ironers. Easi-Feed II improves the finished quality of large and small linen items for those desiring the highest possible quality finish without the inconsistencies caused by operators trying to manually feed and stretch high quality table and bed linen while feeding.

A doffer roll on the feed conveyor holds down linen’s leading edge while a high speed drive roller works with powerful blowers and an enclosed suction chamber to hold back and treat linen’s trailing edge for maximum stretch and wrinkle removal as linen enters the ironer. This increases production speed because it allows operators to release the fed item sooner so they can more quickly proceed to handle the next piece. Easi-feed II replaces the standard “nose” section and adds only 17″ (420mm) to the overall depth of the ironer. of the ironer.