The AD-120 features a removable top module for easy installation and boasts the largest basket volume in its class. It also comes fully loaded with all the performance-enhancing features that have made ADC dryers the most rugged and reliable large capacity units on the market today. Features include our patented computer-controlled system with energy conscious auto-dry programming.


  • High performance 375,000 Btu/hr heat input and 2,150 cfm
  • Self diagnostic microprocessor with patented auto drying feature
  • Easy to clean lint drawer
  • Reversing basket standard
  • Self-cleaning blower – Cleans the fan after every cycle with a blast of air eliminating lint build-up and extending fan life
  • Available in de-rated configuration to accommodate restricted installation parameters
  • S.A.F.E. feature available as an option


  • Drying Performance
    Available in gas, steam or electric heat, the AD-120 boasts a large 38.10 cu ft basket. Gas units have a heat input of 375,000 Btu/hr and airflow of 2,150 cfm providing unsurpassed performance.
  • Fewer Operator Errors
    ADC incorporates a state-of-the-art microprocessor control that provides simple and accurate operation. Automatic drying programs take the guesswork out of cycle selection and avoid wasting energy by automatically shutting the dryer off when the load is dry. For optimal performance the control also prompts the operator to clean lint drawers when necessary.
  • Durability
    Constructed with a welded cabinet, this machine incorporates a rugged trunnion and bearing assembly that supports the basket. Heavy-duty main door and large capacity lint drawer are designed to withstand the most rigorous application.