36021 V7Z


  • RinSave® water saving technology
  • 7 speeds (2 wash, 1 distribution, 1 RinSave, 3 extract)
  • MilTouch™ programmable controller
  • Single-motor inverter drive
  • Tall, lifting ribs
  • Tapered roller bearings
  • High M.A.F. (Mechanical Action Factor)
  • Large cylinder perforations
  • Fresh-water flushing chemical manifold
  • Auto tension V-belt drive
  • Six (6) liquid chemical injection ports
  • Control is configurable to display your choice of language
  • 5-year limited warranty on frame, cylinder & shell
  • ExactXtract® extraction optimizer


  • SAVES WATER, ENERGY AND TIME:  RinSave® water saver in conjunction with large cylinder perforations provides more efficient rinsing.
  • SAVES LABOR:  Larger cylinder volume than most competitive similar sized washer-extractors provides greater productivity.  More linen washed per day, or fewer hours required to process.
  • SAVES LINEN REPLACEMENT COSTS:  Faster process times reduce fabric wear, promoting longer linen life.
  • GREATER MECHANICAL ACTION (M.A.F.) LEADS TO BETTER WASH QUALITY:  Tall perforated ribs provide excellent lift and high drop.
  • BETTER EXTRACTION SAVES DRYER FUEL:  300-Gs with standard ExactXtract® extraction optimizer provides excellent moisture removal.  Lower extract speeds are available for uniforms, delicate textiles and blended fabrics.
  • FEWER OPERATOR ERRORS:   MilTouch™ touch screen control, utilizing resistive touch screen technology and full VGA resolution, has a clear and informative display which shows current machine status info including total formula time and time elapsed.  Formulas can be developed on a PC, saved to USB external memory and uploaded with a screen touch.  Controller also provides intuitive fault diagnosis and relevant trouble shooting suggestions.
  • FASTER REPAIRS MEAN LESS DOWNTIME:  Superior product support through local, high-skilled dealers.