Chicago Dryer Company

Chicago Tandem

  • Tandem one piece units are offered in a choice roll diameters that offer compact drying, ironing, and built-in primary folding.

Chicago CrosStar 36

  • Our new CrosStar 36 comes in 120” or 136” width to accommodate today’s larger luxury items in limited floorspace.

Chicago Easi-Feed® II


Easi-Feed® II is a built-in feeding aid for Century and Powerhouse deep chest ironers. Easi-Feed II improves the finished quality of large and small linen items for those desiring the highest possible quality finish without the inconsistencies caused by operators trying to manually feed and stretch high quality table and bed linen while feeding.

A doffer roll on the feed conveyor holds down linen’s leading edge while a high speed drive roller works with powerful blowers and an enclosed suction chamber to hold back and treat linen’s trailing edge for maximum stretch and wrinkle removal as linen enters the ironer. Read More

Chicago OPL

  • OPL is a compact, fast and ergonomically correct built-in spreader feeder.

Chicago FasTrack

  • FasTrack is the solution for those who desire to utilize a four station clip feeder.

Chicago Edge Maxx™

  • Edge Maxx™ is the very fastest member of the Edge family; a perfect mix of performance and simplicity.

Chicago King Edge

  • King Edge has all the advantages of the original Edge with several added speed and convenience features.

Chicago Edge®

  • Edge® is the cornerless feeder that revolutionized large piece feeding.

Chicago Bridge

  • The compact Bridge linen transition conveyor neatly transfers stacks of folded linen onto a master linen conveyor system.

Chicago Flipper

  • Flipper is a simple high speed labor saving half-folder/stacker for the automatic counting of articles.

Air Chicago XL/XXL

  • Air Chicago technology available in two extended lengths, XL and XXL, to accommodate bath blankets and thermal blankets.

Air Chicago

  • The Air Chicago folder series offers a range of models for the needs of hospitality, healthcare, and commercial laundries.

Chicago Skyline™ Mini

  • Skyline™ Mini offers the standard features found on the Skyline Blanket Folder Series in a special smaller sized edition.

Chicago Skyline™

  • Skyline™ is Chicago’s flagship large piece folder series with the longest list of standard features in the industry.

Chicago Comet Executive

  • Comet Executive is the highest producing compact finisher available for use in a wide variety of restaurant, club, and banquet operations.

Chicago Breeze

  • The Breeze offers a 13″ diameter heated roll with an atmospheric (natural) burner instead of the full power burner system.

Chicago Laser Line

  • Laser 13, 16, 20, and 24 (330 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, and 600 mm) are traditional workhorses.

Chicago Powerhouse

  • Powerhouse is an all-inclusive self-contained gas heated thermal fluid deep chest ironer.

Chicago Century

  • Century is Chicago’s intelligent multi-roll (one to four) deep chest ironing system.