For a financing application through Milnor Capital, please click here:  Milnor Credit App

Standard Program

  • Our standard Finance Program provides flexible terms to accommodate most budgets
  • Rates starting at 5.5%
  • Terms available from 12-84 months
  • A simple, one-page application is all that is needed for up to $100,000
  • Four (4) hour turn-around time
  • One advance payment
  • One time $75 documentation fee


Our BUCK-A-POUND Program is a quick start program developed to give you a break on payments for the first year. Payments are based on the capacity of each machine purchased.

For example:

One 100 lb. washer = $100.00 per month
One 170 lb. dryer = $170.00 per month
Total = $270.00 per month

Wash Cycle Rental Program

Milnor Capital now offers customers a full-service rental program that lets you concentrate on your core business. We can show you how the operational savings are achieved and the tax benefits from renting can offset most of the monthly payment.

The Rental Program is a perfect fit for industrial healthcare and hospitality laundries. Since laundry is a necessity to keep your business running, it should be worry-free. The Rental Program allows you to remove old equipment, replace with more efficient, new equipment, while never paying for maintenance, parts, or service. The Rental Program offers:

  • True rental payments are expensed from your operating budget
  • Very small initial cash outlay – Your first monthly rental payment is all that is needed
  • Fixed payments throughout the term including all service and maintenance
  • Never worry about laundry expenses again!
  • The Wash Cycle Program is only available through participating dealers

Seasonal Program

The Seasonal Program is a perfect fit for resorts, event rentals, hotels, etc. This allows them to make full payments during their busy seasons and defer payments any three consecutive months out of the year to get through their slow periods.